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UK is Currently in Talks With China Regarding The HS2 High Speed Line Construction

HS2 rail project

The U.K and China government have held discussions regarding placing business with Beijing’s state owned railway firm, so they can help develop elements that are needed for the HS2 high speed railway line.

The government have however mentioned there are no firm commitments as yet, to who they will be placing business with for the HS2 project.

The firm from China have told the U.K government that they think they can build the high speed line in 5 years, this would also be at a lower cost to its competitors – Building magazine.

Conservative MP – Tom Tugendhat has said that if the Chinese company, CRCC are given the go ahead for building HS2 it would raise some issues.

It has come to light that the budget for the project was £62 billion, but the cost of the project will be around £100 billion.

The complete project will not be complete until 2040, but the Primeminister has said he wants this pushed forward to 2035.

CRCC has told the government it can have the project completed by the middle of the decade, at a reduced price.

This could have a negative outcome, after the U.K Primeminister has had strong debates with U.S.A President Trump, and upsetting many Torries, by the decision to approve Huawei the 5G mobile network project.

HS2 route

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