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The Most Popular Dropshipping Niches

Dropshipping information

This article has been written to provide information on the most popular dropshipping niches at present. These niches are very relevant if you are thinking about using the WordPress Ecommerce and Spocket combined services for your dropshipping venture.

By reading this article you will learn how to:

  • How niche stores can increase sales for a lower cost
  • How to use niche content to keep customers coming back
  • Choose popular dropshipping niche products

Dropshipping is a brilliant entry level to becoming a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, instead of having to buy stock for your Shopify store, you only have to order products once you have received an order. Once you have made the order, the supplier will distribute the products for you, this gives you the freedom to operate your eCommerce store from anywhere in the World. The only thing there is to worry about is the decision of whether it is best to start a general eCommerce store, or a niche eCommerce store.

A niche eCommerce store is a store that concentrates on one specific category, the products will be complementary and share a similar audience.

A good example of a niche eCommerce store would be the category of baby clothes, and a smaller niche of this category would be streetwear baby clothing.

A general store on the other hand stocks items that do not fall into any sort of category, so the eCommerce store would be quite a mismatch. Quite similar to Amazon, which is a large scale eCommerce store that is full of products all competing on price. A large general store may stock electrical gadgets alongside baby clothing, and health products.

Both of these stores work on the Internet, however, niche eCommerce stores are easier if you wish to build a brand on a specific niche.

Niche stores make it possible to target a specific audience through a variety of online and offline signals. Once your eCommerce dropshipping website has been designed, it will need to be marketed. Online marketing can be quite a challenge if you are new to the digital marketing arena. If your online marketing efforts are targetting a too broad audience your conversion rates will be quite low. If you are selling two types of products; unicorn cups, and kitchen gadgets in the same store, you will find it quite difficult to advertise to a small target audience, hence missing out on the niche product. This problem has been repeated various times. If you are starting out in eCommerce, more than likely you will have limited advertising budgets. Thus, your store will be gaining customers from low budget sources, such as Facebook adverts. Facebook adverts used on a low budget will not convert, if you are targetting a huge audience.

By starting an eCommerce niche store, it is far easier to target your audience. As the pool of customers will be very targetted, hence more qualified customers who are interested in one thing.

The other advantage of owning a niche eCommerce website is once you have customers and repeat traffic, you will be able to lower your associated costs per sale. Whereas with a general eCommerce website, you will have to run individual adverts, per product. This will add an extra cost per product sale.

Another advantage of owning an eCommerce niche store is that once the store has made a sale, you will have their email address. If they tick the follow up emails box on the accept marketing options of your website, you can send them relative information on product updates, and other product suggestions.

An example of follow up email campaigns could be if you own a niche store selling unicorn cups, you can confidently assume you can send your customers emails about similar unicorn products.

If you own a general eCommerce store, you may find it more difficult to gain the interest of customers from emails you send. As their loyalty will much lower than of a customer from a nice store, according to buyer psychology data.

So, now we have determined that a niche eCommerce website store is far easier to run than a general eCommerce store, now let’s look into the most popular dropshipping niches supplied via Spocket.


Shapewear Trends

The shapewear market has grown considerably over the years, and is now one of the most popular evergreen niches to start a dropshipping business. The shapewear related market is expected to boom to around $5.6 billion by 2022. What once started as an undergarment has now grown to become a very popular piece of underwear.

Retailers who are selling shapewear are also stocking their dropshipping stores with bodysuitsthese also help in creating a slimming silhouette.

This product may be of interest for your niche online store as it offers quite a lot of versatility; such as different colours, sizes, and styles to fit in with your customers’ diverse tastes.

Woman wearing shapewear under garment

Smart watches

Smart watches trends

Smart watches are becoming increasingly popular, with around 1.2 billion watches now being sold globally each year. And according to data, the number keeps rising. Smart watch sales will likely continue to scale upwards in 2020, trends tend to show the peak of sales is around December.

Facebook and Instagram seem to be the most popular social platforms to market smart websites. With many smart watch retailers using photographs of popular influencers wearing the watches on their travels around the world. These picturesque images are great for social media marketing depicting a luxury lifestyle on the move.

Person wearing a smart watch

Health and wellness

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness niche is a static niche, it tends to be very stable, with no major dips and highs in sales trends. The health and wellbeing industry is very popular with the vast majority of the population now researching and actively taking care of oneself.

Currently, the health and wellbeing industry is a $4 trillion market. Over the last four years, the health and wellbeing industry has grown at over double the global market. Thus this niche is great for a drop shipping website, if it is marketing correctly.

Health tablets in a jar

Pet grooming

Pet grooming

The pet grooming industry is booming at present, and growing trends show it is not slowing down, according to Google data. The pet grooming industry has been forecasted to be worth $3.58 billion by 2025.

To market pet products online, it may be a good idea to concentrate on a specific niche, such as cats, and dogs. Or maybe specific breeds, this will help you target a specific audience.

Pet Pug wrapped in a towel

Athleisure, sportswear for everyday use

Athleisure trends

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and now athleisure is here to stay. It has seen nothing but positive growth according to data from Google. Athleisure is activewear, but worn as an all day look, rather than only in the gym. This category is quite deep, but stays in the niche. It can be broken down into; sweatpants, sweatshirts, sports bras, leggings, tank tops, headbands, shoes, and capris.

The niche of athleisure can be incorporated into a niche eCommerce store, with many products to sell this broad niche could be very successful if marketed correctly.

Millennial and Generation Z women tend to wear athleisure fashion brands, thus social networking platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are great platforms to grow your brand presence.

Woman performing crunches wearing sportswear

Smart home products

Smart Home Technology trend

As we have seen the recent introduction of smart speakers within our home, have been proving to reshape our lives. These items started out as novelty for techies, now they are becoming very popular with many different people. Since smart speakers have been implemented into our homes, many other products have stemmed to cater to the smart home.

From retail survey data, statistics have shown that 70% of people who have purchased a smart device for their home, have expressed interest in buying another. This audience is perfect for a dropshipping store, as it proves that a percentage of the customers you sell to will purchase more smart technology products from your store. It has been estimated that over 477 million smart home products will be sold in 2020.

Smart speaker on a shelf

Baby products

Baby Clothes

The baby niche is a niche that has seen consistent growth over the years, this is a great niche to start selling products via your online store.

Parents are willing to purchase anything that will improve the lives of their children. Another reason is that parents will be purchasing baby genre products even before their babies are born. Thus, shipping times are not as urgent as other products, yes it is a good idea to plan an eCommerce store around shipping times.

To firm up this product as a whole, 130 million babies are born each year. This data provides an insight into proving that your business will always have new customers.

Baby clothing folded up

Posture corrector

Posture corrector trends

Generally, the majority of the population spend most of their time in a sitting or sedentary position. Many reports have been written and peer reviewed to back this data up. Many office workers tend to spend most of their day looking down as opposed to sat in the correct posture for their health and wellbeing, this may be because they are using laptops, and incorrect seating positioning.

Hence the boom in posture corrector sales. One way to sell these items could be to advertise them associating with their job title. You can categorise people’s office jobs, such as; accountant, admin, writer, or programmer. Following this, you can create adverts tailored to people’s jobs and the benefits of adopting the correct posture.

Your advert could read something quite similar to; ‘lent over your laptop, programming all day? This posture corrector may help with associated aches and pains. Free shipping.’ Within this advert, job titles would be implemented, such as; programmer, writer, author, writer.

Google data is showing a major shift in the popularity of these products, so it is a good time to think about your SEO strategy as well as social signals.

Man sat at a desk reading a book

Time to get selling

According to Google statistics, the products listed in this article are very popular searches on their search engine. However, there are still many more to choose from. Finding the correct products to sell via your dropshipping eCommerce store is one major part of the online selling equation. Marketing the products is another.

Dropshipping can be an overall promising venture, it is more promising if you choose the correct products to sell on your eCommerce website. Sometimes, what works for you will not work for others, so your marketing strategies may be copied, but you should not be worried about other sellers copying your online marketing strategy.

To make sure you choose the correct product to sell online, it is good practice to research the products you are thinking of selling. This can be done by researching your competitors such as, Amazon and eBay. These websites allow you to find the best selling products. Next, you can research less popular products, but with strong niches.

Other things to take into account are the profit margins for the dropshipping products you will be selling. Also, look at the reputation of the distributors of these products, this will give you more confidence in the product as a whole. Finally, research the products to see how easy they are to market, for instance, do they have a good story, are they going to help people with their daily lives? The more you can write about them the better they will sell.

In conclusion, choosing a product that tells a great story is, in essence, is the solution to a successful eCommerce website.

Useful resources for dropshipping

WordPress Ecommerce for eCommerce solutions, and Spocket for dropshipping stock.

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