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How to cleanse your soul

How to cleanse your soul

A happy human would not intentionally eat or drink poison, yet so many of us are consuming poisons that are harming our bodies and souls every day. These poisons could be from the food and liquids we consume, or they may be environmental poisons such as carbon dioxide from exhaust fumes on a busy road. It is quite apparent in today’s modern world that our souls and bodies are becoming more under threat to the natural world.

Cleanse your soul of Contaminants

The contaminants of daily life put your soul and body at risk. It is very difficult to avoid all of the dangerous contaminants of this world, unless we move to a deserted island, but we can definitely reduce the risk of these elements damaging our souls and bodies. Here we have compiled a list of actions that may prove useful in your wanting to cleanse your soul.

Everything has an action

It is a notable action that everything you allow into your life will have an action on your life, thus this action will change your body or soul either in a positive way or a negative way. It is advised to take all changeable actions in your daily life seriously, even the tiniest change will make a notable change on your soul and your body.

Cleanse your thoughts

Mostly we are made up of thoughts, if we consume negative information we will more than likely become negative beings, however, if we consume positive thoughts we will become sentient positive beings. If we surround ourselves with negative people, we will more than likely lead negative lifestyles, thus the soul will become unhealthy. To provide our souls with an abundance of love, happiness, and joy. We need to follow our bliss, and vibrate in a more healthy way. To find your bliss, you need to find out what you enjoy, when you have found what you enjoy, you will vibrate at a higher level.

Choose positivity not negativity through written and spoken word

The power of words either written or verbally pronounced, needs to be addressed. The wrath of negative words used on another can bring their sole into disrepair, this will not be forgiven lightly. Positive words should be commanded to communicate with self, and one’s peers. The power you can harvest from positivity, outways the opposite, and you will be thanked by the universe, in a multitude of ways.

Lies and the truth

Lies need to be banished from your life, and the truth needs to be let in. In order to enlighten your soul, and free it from the lies. You need to filter out all of the dishonest information you are allowing yourself to be fed. After all, information that you consume, is classed as feeding the soul. The soul will not be kind to you if you feed it miss truths, the soul is pure and the information you consume should be as well. The best course of action here, is to filter all of the information you consume, to part ways with all of the false information.

Do not harvest bitterness

Harvesting bitterness within your heart and soul will eventually poison your wellbeing, to cleanse the soul one should action forgiveness.

Anger should be utilized differently

From time to time everyone gets angry, which is understandable. But what we do with the feeling of anger is more important. We can channel the feeling of anger to another feeling altogether. All we have to do, is learn what anger feels like, once this is done we can quickly work out why that feeling has been generated, and fix the problem. A source of anger may have come from a problem that you have encountered on a project you are working on, if so, take a little break and come back to the project when you have calmed down. Try to use the feeling to work out how to stop it happening again, thus understanding the negative feeling. If you fix this issue it will not happen again.

Ban toxic influences from your life

It may be a judgment day, it may not. But it is a good time to evaluate your toxic diet. Are you consuming too much toxic information from sources such as books, television, and the Internet? Are you feeding your soul unwanted rich media, such as fake news and stupid memes? If the media you are consuming tells a good story, that will actually help you with your life by understanding things such as mental illness, the environment, business, and modern slavery, then this is food for the soul. But if the media is rich in negative emotional responses, your sole may fall into a negative state. After all your soul will tell you if the information you are consuming is to its liking or not, the key is to listen.

Delete Envy

Envy is not a positive trait for you or your soul, and will eventually poison your wellbeing. To avoid this trait, try to stop comparing your life as it is at the moment, to people’s fuller lives. By doing this, negative feelings towards others will disappear, which will lead to the generation of new connections throughout the universe.

Here are 15 ways to cleanse your soul:

  1. Remove negative people from your life
  2. Clear out clutter
  3. Channel anger into another use
  4. Keep yourself hydrated
  5. Try not to feed your mind and soul toxic information
  6. Eat a healthy diet
  7. Meditate
  8. Treat yourself to small things
  9. Do not get jealous of others
  10. Put down your phone
  11. Do not harvest bitterness
  12. Move your body
  13. Use positivity throughout your life
  14. Find a job you enjoy
  15. Get out into nature


To keep your sole A number 1, you need to check in every now and again. When you do check-in, you need to analyze all of the information you are feeding your soul, then filter out any of the negative information. You will be surprised by how much negative information can slip through your protection mechanisms without you realizing it. This could be because of; human associations, or the media. Once you have filtered the negative consumption, you have achieved sole cleansing success.

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